Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A few days of catchup

A disjointed post – my mind is elsewhere.


From Lafayette I travel North to Arkansas. I’m off to visit Dad and Suzy again. It’s a shorter stay this time, only a weekend, but enjoyable nonetheless. I fill my tummy and get out of the cold snap that has hit the area. One day of waking up to frozen windows is enough for me:



While at Dad’s house we cook, we play with the dogs, we have a few drinks, we go up to Mount Magazine to have lunch and I take the camera.


The lodge is gorgeous with nice rocking chairs for anybody willing to brave bitter wind and temps in the 20s:



And the view is just as nice:



At least, if you are willing to get out of the car to take a peek. I was the only one to brave the cold and wind for the shot. This should have been a cute family photo:



Also caught a cool rundown car on the way back down the mountain:



Once home I get sucked into the new Sherlock Holmes show on BBC. It was saved on their Tivo. Good times, warm bed, great food, and my loving family. That’s a pretty great weekend to me. Monday I left after a quick workout and having lunch with Suzy.


I drive west, headed for the high-country of New Mexico.


Catalyst said...

What? You missed Austin? Unbelievable!

TomboCheck said...

Cat - Just missed it this time around. The travels aren't done, I just wanted to spend the holiday at home. I still have a couple people in Colorado to visit, and yes - Austin is on my radar as well. Probably the next time I head towards Arkansas I will hit Austin up. :)

Blythe said...

Oh my gosh I looooovvveee the new Sherlock Holmes on BBC! I only saw the first 3 and can't wait for more!!!

TomboCheck said...

Blythe - They only had the first three, though BBC has said that it will be back with a second 'season'