Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fish and Quesadillas


So, Mom got me the 4 Tilapia that I mentioned in the last post, and I became an absolute[ly horrible] fish filleting master! DaNece looked a little squeamish as she took the picture...

4 of the filets ended up cooking in a tomatoe-pimento sauce that i linked to last week (HERE AGAIN substituted the onion with potato). I loved it - but it was a bit on the fishy side for DaNece. The other 4 filets are still waiting to be devoured. Of course, i can't find the pictures of this cooked fish to prove it's existence, so you will just have to trust me.

EDIT: The missing picture was found!!!


What i did take pictures of were some lovely Chicken/Apple quesadillas that we made:

Cooking away on a pancake pan:

And the finished product:


To cook (sans recipe):

- cut up a few chicken breasts into cubes, and spice with whatever you like (smoked paprika did the trick here)

- cook the chicken in a sautee pan over high heat until done

- cut up portabello mushroom, and onion (omit these items for DaNece Style quesadilla) and sautee in some olive oil until done

- slice apples (we used gala, which were awesome!)

- grate cheese (colby-jack was all we had, so it worked)

- slice up tomato, onion, bell pepper, and cilantro - toss together to make pico de gallo. Top with some citrus (lemon or lime)

- heat up griddle pan

- place tortilla on pan, until it starts to bubble (or get brown depending on the tortilla you are using)

- flip tortilla over

- on half of tortilla (while cooking) place grated cheese, chicken, mushrooms/onions, apple, and pico de gallo.

- once cheese is melty, flip over taco-style, tortilla should be slightly crispy

- enjoy.

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