Saturday, June 23, 2007

More Farmer's Bounty

Well we made it to the farmer's market again today. We decided to go a little later this morning (arriving at 8:30 instead of 7:30), to see if more booths would be setup than last time. This worked to our advantage for two reasons:

1. There were more booths setup

2. There was a booth selling FRESH CHEESE!!!! which didn't show up till 8:00. I was hoping for cheese last time and was terribly disappointed with not finding any, so today was a good day.


We picked up some more tomatoes, some baked tarts for breakfast, and i even go DaNece to try a pork tamale (how you live in AZ for many years without ever eating a tamale is entirely beyond me)!!

The fresh cheese (non-aged, which is a bit of a bummer, but oh well). Rainbow Valley Farmer's Cheese. I'm sure i will be posting about this once we get a chance to dig it:


Some great looking sweet onions (DaNece cut off the tops while i wasn't paying attention and threw them away.... I freaked out a little.


Fresh Basil (a must in our household). The smell coming out of this bag is unbelievable:


And a new type of garlic. "Zemo: Porcelain Hardneck from the Republic of Georgia. Hot, strong, & stores well" the label reads. We put some in lunch, and it was totally tubular!


We are beginning to really dig this whole farmer's market thing!

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