Thursday, June 21, 2007

Verde River

Me and DaNece decided that it was time to get out of the house last weekend, and find some water. The one obvious choice: the Verde River! Heading out Perkinsville Rd about 20 miles, one comes to a junction: Jerome - Right (more on this in a bit), or Perkins Ranch - left. At this stage, we opted for left. The river kind of comes out of nowhere, and suddenly you are crossing a bridge over green acres (you know what i mean). After finding a place to park amongst all the white trash gypsies that were camping there leaving trash everwhere, we headed down to water.

Scrappy has never gotten into a large body of water...

I assure him that all is well.. the water is his friend. He does not believe me.


I drag him, whining and pawing, into the deepest bit of water that i can find, leaving him there to sink or swim.


His revenge is swift and mighty. In a furious rage, he pounces on his hapless prey.


He continues his contemptuous treatment of me, by stealing the only vine that i liked in the whole creek, which he later destroyed entirely.


So terrifying is his rage, that he drives DaNece to balance precariously in a tree to avoid his path of destruction.


This poor creature felt safe from Scrappy only when inside of his hardened shell.


In a final act of hate, he allies himself with his mother, rather than find himself in my presence.


After eating a snack, and loading back up, we decided not to turn back onto Perkinsville rd (back to chino), but instead to follow the road to Jerome, having never gone this route before. We were rewarded by beautiful views.


And DaNece provided some entertainment in a quest to obtain a piece of flagstone (showing off her mountain goat lineage):


We are definately in red-rock country!

We finally ended up on the back side of Jerome (by the ghost town, in case you couldn't guess)


With one very pooped out puppy chillin' in the back of the 4runner.


All in all - a great day!

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