Monday, June 11, 2007

Granite Creek Vineyards

 Well me and DaNece heard from one of my clients about a vineyard that is practically in our backyard (no more than 2 miles away!!). After learning of this amazing fact, we were even more ellated to learn that through the summer they have a local musician playing every Saturday from 11am-3pm, and invite the public out to a picnic setting. If you dont feel like packing your own lunch (which i rarely do) then they offer a box lunch which includes some awesome chicken salad, fresh baguette, cheeses (a semi-soft babybel, as well as a spreadable herb/garlic cheese), a piece of fruit, and a few chocolates for desert. All of this for only $7.50!!!!! How can you pass up a deal like that?

The name of the place is Granite Creek Vineyards, and if you get the chance, you should check it out.


The band when we went was listed as Pat Beary - Acoustic Guitar and Vocals. They were pretty darn good, though the guitar overpowered everything else, including the vocals and the violin (which is a darn crying shame, because the violinist seemed to be really talented, and i would have liked to hear it more prominently).

We checked out the wine tasting room, and sampled all their wares. DaNece loved the chardonnay, and my fav was the Concord Harvest (last day of sale for this wine, so i am a lucky duck). All the wine tasting left Tom a little tipsy (quite an unfamiliar feeling for this nerdy kid).


A great time, and we definately recommend it to everybody in the area!!

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