Friday, April 4, 2008

Halibut at last

At long long last Halibut is available in stores. Yes, it's expensive at $17 /lb, but oh so worth it. It isn't very 'fishy' tasting, so DaNece likes it a lot, and it has a nice firm texture not unlike shark.



Last night DaNece's fish got just a light coating of salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Mine got a bit heftier treatment with some cayenne pepper, paprika, cumin, salt, and pepper.


Quickly cooked in a super hot pan with a little olive oil. Simply delicious. Accompanying the fish were some peas (canned, which D really likes), quick-cook long grain wild rice, and some mushrooms and onions for me (which didn't really fit the flavors of the rest of the dish, but were on their way out so had to be used).


Now I have to save up some money to buy some more! :)


Mike said...

I use a lot of paprika when cooking fish. I think it just adds so much to the flavor.

Looks good as usual Tombo. I wish we were neighbors because I would be standing on your porch every night with plate in hand.

TomboCheck said...

That's the joy of fish - you can spice the hell out of it without it being too strong in the end. The picture of paprika and cumin was great, with the cayenne just for some heat.

And I guarantee that you would be a better neighbor than the current white-trashiness around me.

Both of my neighbors have 2 boats, none of which run.... in Arizona?! One is putting up a fence to enclose all of his non-functional cars, while collecting disability checks for a neck injury.

A mooch neighbor aint so bad, as long as they are friendly. :)

melissa said...

very very nice. I want some. :)

I want to cook fish more often but steve is really skeptical about a lot of it. I mean, he doesn't like fish as much as I do (not even close) but it's even harder because when I first was learning how to cook a couple of years ago, I made fish that he didn't like. partly my cooking, partly the choice of fish. ugh. I need to prove him wrong one of these days. ;)

TomboCheck said...

Melissa - If you want to work him back into fish halibut, swordfish, or shark are good options. Not very fishy tasting, and have a thick meaty texture that you don't normally associate with fish.

DaNece isn't the biggest fish fan, so we try to work with those three whenever possible. :)