Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hello Jessica! How you doin?

Okay, I have a weird admission to make. It might be something that other men reading this can understand, maybe not.


I have a crush on a woman other than DaNece. Yes..... it's true. But the problem goes deeper than that. The really depraved part, is that this mistress of desire....... is a cartoon. There. I said it.


Indeed, I have a crush on Jessica Rabbit. It happened the first time I watched 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit', and has been plaguing me ever since. I thought I had it under control. I kept telling myself that she was so two dimensional that it could never work out between us. She just didn't have any depth.


That has all changed now, thanks to this harbinger of destroyed relationships.


(click to see full size 'un-tooned' version)



This development has turned me into a complete animal:

Now if I could just find an address for the Ink and Paint Club I would totally be in business.


For an interesting look on how it was done, here is the first hour of the artist's work (which covers just the face and hair area):



melissa said...

oh hell yeah, jessica rabbit! damn, that looks amazing.

TomboCheck said...

Of course, it doesn't hurt that he used a good portion of Angelina Jolie's face for the project....

Chickenbells said...

Yeah...I'm competing against some cyberized woman from Ghost In The Shell, and an entire Japanese Climbing Team (or anyone who happens to BE Japanese apparently) AND, I'm totally rolling my eyes right now. Although, I suppose both DaNece and I should feel relatively safe seeing as these are fictional characters...besides, no woman has an eyelid that big (referring to the one in the second picture of J.R.)

Then again, why must I feel like I'm in some sort of competition with a cartoon? Sick I tell ya...

TomboCheck said...

Ghost in the shell? Yeah, totally on the same track with Rich there.

And her eyelid is that big because that is how big women's eyelids are SUPPOSED to be. I don't want to hear any rubbish about how Jessica Rabbit isn't perfect! It's seditious and I'm pretty sure I could take you to court for that..... or something equally as drastic.

melissa said...

ah yes. the major. she is the hotness.

also, best theme song to any show ever. looooove.

I didn't notice the jolie thing. no wonder!