Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend Recap

Saturday started as so many do. A jaunt to downtown Prescott to grab a cup of coffee and some grub. We were in the mood for Cuppers, and so we arrived at a packed coffeehouse. What time was it? Oh yeah it was about 9:30, 1/2 an hour before John McCain's speech a block away on the square. No wonder all the people!


So after enjoying our coffee and skinny pancakes, we decided to meander down to the square to see the hub-bub. The stage was set on the north side of the courthouse, with news reporters on their raised platform, and the masses forming around them:


The news stations had their big fancy trucks beaming the information into outer space:


There was an Arizona Sheriff helicopter floating around the area, which eventually made its way to terra firma on the middle school football field a block away from the square:


Also on security - two guys on the rooftops of gurley street. There was a guy who you could just barely make out, and then his friend under a camouflage net with a pair of BIG binoculars. Hope they are the good guys!:



We did see some ravens tending the nest in the courthouse eaves, but by the time I had my camera out they were beyond view... oh well.


So after watching people mill about for a while, we decided that we really didn't care to watch the whole shebang, so we walked back to the truck, and spotted this nice old ford along the way:


After that it was shopping and errands. Dinner consisted of eating take-out from 'Our Place' in Chino. I had never eaten here before, and was pleasantly surprised by the good quality of the hamburger. They appear to be a 'fancy' restaurant (which for Chino means that they serve wine). I'll definitely be going back for another taste.


Sunday was breakfast with some old co-workers at the Golden Corral buffet. I am not a big fan of this place, but everybody else likes it so that is where we go. We had to turn down an offer from Rich and Sadira to go hiking, due to ever worsening state of our yard.


So out came the weed-eater after months of storage. Put in new gas, clean the air filter, and sand the spark plug. Adjust the carburetor and spend 15 minutes getting the cold-blooded bitch to fire up. Then twenty minutes of trimming later and I run out of string! No spare string, and no ambition to leave the house to get more meant that the yard is now half-done.


The rest of the afternoon was spent helping DaNece repot some plants. Which meant that I got to spend a few hours playing in the mud, and spraying the dogs with the hose which was a total blast!!


Dinner was cube steak (mmmmmm..... fried meat). DaNece paired hers with rice and gravy (it must be a southern thing, because I have never heard of putting rice and gravy together...). Mine went more southwest with some sauteed onion, bell pepper, mushroom, and jalapeno:


Darkness rolled around and we decided to get a fire going in our new terra cotta firepit outside. Yeah, this is a great way to end a busy weekend. Staring into the embers as the cool spring evening closes in around you. I could get used to this. :)

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