Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Review

Ahh, the hectic workday is done and blogging can continue.


Friday consisted of cooking up dinner at Chris' house (ribeyes, asparagus, mushrooms, etc) followed by a trip into Starbucks to meet a new friend Ralph for a few games of chess. Man, do I wish there was another coffee shop open late! I hate paying the starbucks devil! Anywho, fun was had, everybody won at least one game (Chris was totally psyched to win his first bout against a live human!)


Saturday was supposed to be oil-change day, but the oil dump at Autozone was full, so that totally didn't happen. So we ended up running into town, running some errands, and stopping by Barns and Nobles to pick up a Moleskine. Saturday night we went out to dinner at Poor Red's Roost (thanks Catalyst for the recommendatioon!) out in PV. I had the tortelini portico (tortellini, shrimp, scallops, and spinach in a white sauce) which was absolutely stellar! DaNece had prime rib, but didn't really care for it. More of a texture problem than anything. All in all, it was definitely a good time!


Dinner was followed by a trip to the local watering hole, Pinon Pines where a co-worker's band was playing. The band was good, but the sound setup sucked and left my ears ringing all day Sunday. We left after about two hours and headed home, it was WAY past our bed-time (I am totally turning into an old man. I get cranky if I'm out past 9:00).


Sunday the plan was to go hiking the Lava River Cave up near Flagstaff. Everything was going well until we started to descend into the cave. Then Mr. Scrappy Doo dog decided to wig out like we were delivering him straight to the pit of hell. The claw marks that he left in the stone was enough to persuade us to pursue other endeavors for the day. So we ended up hiking around the King Mtn. area for about an hour where I started showing DaNece how to work some of the features on her DSLR, then headed home to grill some burgers and enjoy them in the early-evening sunshine. Arizona is a great place to be right now!


So there you have it, all the news that's fit to print, and plenty that isnt fit for anything but a blog post.

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