Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Morning Geekiness


(image by Glenn Broadway)

It might be a bit too early for my brain to fully digest this article, but I tried anyway. It involves a gravitational wave detector (the GEO 600), which detects tiny changes in the curve of spacetime (gravity as defined in Einstein’s theory of general relativity). It does this (in Tombo terms) by splitting a laser beam, shooting both of the split beams down a long tube, reflecting them back to the source, and then looking at where the two beams fluctuate nearer and farther from each other.


Still here? Okay. So apparently the scientists running this detector have been getting a surprising amount of noise and haven’t been able to find a probable culprit to account for all of it. Well a guy named Craig Hogan has an idea of where the noise is coming from. In fact, he predicted noise would appear even before he knew about the GEO 600 experiment.


He says it is because we live in a hologram… Yeah, for real.  Nothing’s definite yet, as more testing is necessary, but it sure is a damned interesting idea. Read the article to find out more.


(thanks Presurfer!)

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