Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wet Beaver Creek

Saturday found me and six other guys near Sedona, tromping down a trail along Wet Beaver creek, packs loaded for camping. Four miles in, we decided to pitch camp right over the creek:


The view from our spot was not too shabby:


Once we set our bags down everybody set off to do whatever they do when out in the wilderness. Some went off to read books, others pulled out their fishing rods and set to work. Some started setting up their tent, and I meandered up the creek-way, which exposed some very interesting erosion to the rocks:


After messing around in the canyon for a bit I decided to climb the nearest cactus-covered hill to get a view of the area.

A look down-stream:


And a look upstream (HDR):

Well worth the time and effort of dodging the prickly stuff. :)


Firewood was gathered from dead scrub along the hillsides, and pretty soon we all ended up congregating back at camp. Apparently Chris had found a chalk rock while out, and soon a board was drawn and a game of checkers was in full swing between Perry (Gear Bomb) and Lorenzo:


Eventually Jeff caught a trout, and we all watched as it was gutted and cooked in the fire. As night fell some of the boys started drinking, and eventually both Travis and Jeff fell into the creek. Deciding that the shenanigans were enough I opted for bed, and a nice warm sleeping bag.


Apparently the fire kept on blazin’, because when I woke up all the wood was gone. So, I scampered up the hillside with my trusty headlamp to light the way, gathered a bit more, and got the fire going again:


After some quality time by the fire I decided to go take some morning-time photos of the creek:


After a quick granola bar it was time for me to break camp and hike back. I left a little ahead of everybody else so that I could make it back to town for the blogger meet up.


Overall it was a great trip with some great guys, some I’ve known for a long time, and some I just met. The scenery was beautiful, and the weather was nearly perfect.


The flickr set.


Linda G. said...

Lovely photos of Beaver creek! Do you think the holes in the cliff-face were worn by the rocks in them?

Of course I love the singing hound! We had a German Shepard that insisted on singing every time my daughter practiced the piano.

And lastbut not least, Thank You So Very Much for your helpful comments on computer repair!

melissa said...

Gorgeous, as usual.

I found myself scrolling through your Flickr account on Saturday... and scrolling and scrolling... you're only like the third one I've ever done that with. I wish I could take photographs like you.

TomboCheck said...

Linda - Thanks. :) I'm doubtful that the rocks were the cause of the erosion. Most of them appeared to be fairly recent editions.

I keep trying to get Scrappy to sing... the boy is just tone deaf. :)

And your welcome on the computer repair help. Stuff like that is the pits! I've had quite a few friends and family that end up with such things and it's always hours of aggravation for me to get rid of it.

Melissa - Thanks! Glad you liked my stream. It's on the diverse side. :-P

As far as taking photos like me... Just take a crap load of pictures. Eventually you get some that work. Photoshop helps with making the decent ones into good ones. :)

Seriously, I took almost 200 photos during the camping trip, and came up with 16 finals. And that's normal! I generally run about 10-20% of the photos I take. And somehow I still have 2,000+ images on flickr. I'm just a glutton for punishment.

Chickenbells said...

Wow! Those are all fantastic photos, and it's funny, but I was just telling someone this weekend about this area and how beautiful it is...nice to see it still fantastic out there!

TomboCheck said...

Sadira - definitely still fantastic. :)