Thursday, January 29, 2009

Playing catchup

Lagging behind with some stuff I wanted to post this week, so here is a general rundown:

Went hiking with Chris on Sunday, had a blast.

We found a sweat-lodge frame:


I got my photo class assignment (portrait) done:


And Chris snapped a pretty decent picture of my goofy-looking self. To be honest I really like the background more than anything. Almost like a painting:



- Ten things we should say more often – everybody could stand to say these things regularly.


- Found a new internet radio station thanks to Drew Gardner. A great mix of genres.


- It’s that time of the year when the tax man sends me a check. Dad is gunning for me to save money… I’m thinking a D90 might be more realistic… Kids will be kids.


- Some nice, and decidedly different, wedding photography.


- Other than that work has been pretty hectic. We had a print server run amok yesterday, so I’m still cleaning up that mess today.


Catalyst said...

Hey! You kept the beard! Part of it anyway. Cool! I'm currently growing mine out. As expected, it's coming out grey but I'm hoping for white when it gets a bit longer.

TomboCheck said...

Catalyst - Yep, decided to keep a partial for now. We'll see how long it stays around after it warms up. :)

Where's the pics? Let's see some beardage on oddball observations! :)

Catalyst said...

Ah, not yet. I'm no fool!

Chickenbells said...

Yeah...that background hardly looks real at all!

melissa said...

I like that wedding photographer. Good stuff.

And the 10 Simple Things We Should Say More Often was really nice.

That's a good photo of you, and yes, the background does look like a painting.

TomboCheck said...

Sadira - :)

Melissa - The photography is definitely different than your average wedding stuff.

As for the photo of me.... meh. I never really like photos of myself, but I suppose that one was as good as any. :-)