Monday, August 25, 2008

A photowalk affair

Saturday was the photowalk, and a grand ol' time was had by all. I was thoroughly surprised by the turnout. Something to the tune of 40 photographers all met up to putz around our little town. It was a menagerie of lenses, and gear bags. Talk of bodies and f-stops abounded.



We started out at the Sharlot Hall Museum, and then mosied our way down Gurley street to the Whiskey Row Alley, and then around to the Row itself, and over to the town square.



There were musicians and bikers on the square, and soon the crowd of photographers had dispersed to the four corners of the downtown area. All following whatever their particular fancies for subject matter were. Personally, I was really enjoying the free music!



We ended up at the Pangaea Bakery for some food and drink, got to converse with all sorts of people, eat some good blueberry/apple pie, and drink a smoothie out of the biggest straw I've ever seen.



All-in-all a great morning of photographing and conversing. I got to meet some other bloggers for the first time. GrannyJ, Dagny, Dina; it was great to finally meet all of you in person!



All of my photos.

The group pool of photos from the walk.


Chickenbells said...

I had a wonderful time seeing everyone and meeting new people! What a talented group of photographers...Rich and I are going to have a hard time picking the winning photo of the day for sure!

And that was the largest straw I have ever seen...and I LOVE the picture of it!

TomboCheck said...

Better you guys than me! :)

Yeah, biggest straw EVAR.

Anonymous said...

Tom, I enjoyed meeting you in person.

TomboCheck said...

Dagny - It was my pleasure as well. :)