Monday, June 29, 2009

Things done in San Diego

- Went to Mission Beach

- Jogged with Chris, now he’s a hurting puppy

- Got knocked around by waves, and had lots of salt water in my sinus

- Played Frisbee

- got a mild sunburn

- Ate at the Bare Back Grill

- tried a Mimosa, it wasn’t very tasty

- ate a Tandoori chicken sandwich; very tasty

- played Jenga with the gang

- Ate at the Sushi Deli 2

- Quail shooter

- hot sake

- Uni that wasn’t awesome

- scallops that WERE awesome

- enough sushi to fill me up for only $20!

- an hour-long wait to get in the door

- Matt got complimented on his manners by our waitress

- Stayed at Layfayette Suites

- got upgraded to a Presidential suite because they gave our room away

- swam in hotel pool, which was a seriously nice pool

- dragged chris into the pool in a most un-safe manner

- watched Chris’ dreams of having a nice continental breakfast evaporate

- totally slept in until 8:30 one day

- Chris lost his car keys in Matt’s backseat, making us stay longer than expected at the hotel, and made it so we had to walk to breakfast.

- Ate breakfast at The Mission

- Had to wait in line, but it moved SUPER fast

- Good iced coffee

- Rockin’ yellow cornmeal pancakes with blueberries. And I don’t even really like pancakes very much!

- Unbelievable rosemary crispy potatoes

- Saw some nice cars

- A Qvale Mangusta, one of only 258 produced for the USA

- A Ferrari 360 Modena Spider

- A Ferrari F430 Spider

- What I’m pretty sure was a Lamborghini Urraco

- Went to Balboa Park

- Saw the Ansel Adams exhibit in the Museum of Photographic Arts

- Went to the Timken Museum of Art, saw awesome Russian religious paintings

- Went through the Body Worlds exhibit at the Natural History Museum. A little freaky, but pretty neat.

- Watched a guy play the didgeridoo

- Watched a kid with those roller shoes hit a bump while going to fast. He totally biffed it. It was funny and sad all at the same time.


So yeah, that sums up San Diego. Good times were had, it was good to see Matt and Jen, good to hang out with Chris and Shayla. Now I just have to start hitting the gym again to make up for all the food I ate! :)


Chickenbells said... should have run to The Cheese Shop to see my sister...she was working on Saturday!!

TomboCheck said...

Sadira - I totally forgot your sister was in SD! Damn it!

megan said...

sounds like you packed it in! awesome trip!

TomboCheck said...

Megan - yep, it was a pretty fast-paced trip. Ton's of fun though!

Melissa said...

Sounds wonderful (and tasty, for the most part). Thanks for mentioning Body Worlds - didn't know it was going on down there right now. Will have to make a visit before October, perhaps for our anniversary...

TomboCheck said...

Melissa - Yeah, definitely tasty! A little more whirl-windish than I would have done on my own, but c'est la vie, it was still a darn good time.

And the body worlds is definitely worth the visit. Go during the week if you can, it was a pretty long wait to get tickets, and there were tons of people in the exhibit.