Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pic of the day

The seats are empty. The smell of food has yet to infuse into the building. It has yet to develop any character.

An interior shot of the diner in Bagdad. 3 Exposure handheld HDR through a window. :)


David said...

I love this shot !! good job !
After your post on the mine out Senator hiway, I went out there myself... really cool place. I enjoy your blog... and surprisely, the same movies !! Keep blogging.

TomboCheck said...

David - Thanks! Glad you made it to the mine. Now, where are the pics? :)

Stopped by your blog, liking what I see over there for sure! We should go out shooting sometime.

Anonymous said...

Tom, nice shot. Let me know when they open.

David said...

hi Tom,

just got back from a four day tour of the Taos,NM area, again. really like it over there. I see you're going on an extended venture yourself, but, yeah, I'd like to go out shooting with you sometime. I love seeing other people's perspective on the same shot you're looking at ! have a great trip.. talk to you when you get back.

TomboCheck said...

JW - I'm planning on going back in a few months to check on the progress. :) I'll let you know.

David - I bet Taos is gorgeous. I didn't get to do much shooting during the drive through new mexico unfortunately.

As for going out shooting - how about a Sunday in late october? Let me know. :)