Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pics for the car show

Some of my favs from the Corvette Car Show.


Fuel injection:



Cloudy Sting Ray:


Skull and Dragon hood:


Formula One car:


My partner in crime – Sam. He approves:


Dark and brooding front end:


See all 26 photos in the flickr set.


David said...

Wow !! sorry I missed this show (I was is Taos at the time), but having owned two vettes myself, I gotta say you did a great job showing these off ! Especially the last one, looks like a '58... great great job.

Granny J said...

My...I really lie that shot of the Corvette logo against the reflection of the cloudy sky. On the other hand, I'd buy the skull & dragon hood any day.

TomboCheck said...

David - Thanks! We actually hadn't intended on going to a car show, but as we drove back from a hike we saw the roads blocked off. I couldn't say no to an opportunity like that!

Julie - Now, what would you do with a big Skull/Dragon hood? Mount it on a wall in the house? :)