Monday, March 21, 2011

11 hours of I40

I’m on the interstate out of Arkansas by eight thirty. I hate the interstate. But today I’m in a hurry, and when one is in a hurry to get somewhere the interstate is the most time-efficient way to get there. So I chug along at ridiculous speed, concerned only with controlling this missile I’m in, and avoiding all the other missiles out there. It is a bit maddening for me:



But finally I hit Albuquerque, a city I am becoming more and more familiar with as I keep visiting my fine friend there. So I pull into town, go to a grocer store to pickup some things for dinner, and head to their house. Sadly, I’m a bit grumpy from driving all day, and so I just walk in and take over their kitchen. Cooking to get a bit of zen in my day, to unwind a bit.


A mellow evening with friends, catching up, looking at photos, eating. Just what the doctor ordered. I pass out five minutes into a movie, and sleep like a log.


I wake up early, grab a quick pic with them, and hit the road once again. I’m due back in Prescott today, and I’ve got six hours to get there.


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