Friday, March 18, 2011

Small update

I’m back in Prescott, looks like I might be hanging out here for a while. I did stop and see the folks, I did stop and see my friends in Albuquerque again. I did go hike the Grand Canyon, and ended up spending three lovely nights down at the bottom, no camera and lots of hiking. I had a job lined up for april but that looks like it’s fallen through, oh well; I’ll just roll with the punches.


I’m not going to the redwoods, many campgrounds are closed, and a few of the scenic parkways are closed due to water damage. Oh well, perhaps another day. I’m thinking about going up to Bryce Canyon for a few days, possibly Escalante too. I’ve got a few pictures to post, but the current internet connection is not cooperating.


I’m in an odd mental space, not really feeling like I’m home yet, not really sure what I’m doing. I guess that isn’t really all that different than the last six months.


So yeah, more to come. :)


Catalyst said...

Your travels are always interesting. Keep 'em coming.

TomboCheck said...

Thanks Bruce. :)