Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another slice of Texas

I drive West to the ‘hill country’ of Texas. Mostly, I am just trying to get away from the City, to find a slightly more quiet spot out in the world where I can not listen to traffic, not hear people, etc. I drive out to a town called Fredericksburg, not a place to find quiet, but just a place to find some pictures. Lots of people throughout Texas have told me to visit this town, apparently ‘it’s quaint’.


It is a town founded by a German immigrant, and thusly there are German restaurants as far as the eye can see. Bier gartens, sausage, German bakeries, etc. Sadly, I can afford none of them so I content myself with walking around snapping away. As you’d expect, there is a proud representation of the lone star state around every corner:



There are vineyards in the area as well, which means lots of wine tasting rooms:



Apparently, the town also has one of the very few unbroken peace treaties with the local Native American population, from the times of the original settlers:



And they also have some odd ides about what philosophies should be bedmates:



From there it was onto a little place called Luckenbach, which Catalyst told me about. There are only a handful of buildings that constitute the ‘town’, the busiest of which is the general store/post office/saloon/gift shop:



Everybody there was friendly, so I sat and had a few beers while the locals pickers did their thing:



There is a dance hall here too, which is fairly famous (with the likes of Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Lyle Lovitt playing there), but since it was a weekday there was no dance going on while I was there.


After Luckenbach I hit the road for Enchanted Rock, hoping for peace and quiet there. The locale was great, a nice hike up the rock just as the sun set, with lovely views along the way:


But sadly, even here, the sound of loud and exuberant hikers were to be heard throughout the hike. I contented myself with the beauty of the colorful horizon, then climbed back down the rock and headed back for Austin.


Catalyst said...

You haven't really been to the Hill Country if you haven't been to Luckenbach. Glad you made it. My only visit there was mid-week too and it was v-e-r-y quiet.

Ric said...

We made the drive across West Texas on 10 before we left AZ. If you're looking for space and quiet, there's a whole lot of both to be found out there. And a Dairy Queen at every exit, even if there's nothing else for a hundred miles in every direction.

TomboCheck said...

Cat - the bar was actually full when I was there, although as you know - it is tiny so being full isn't saying a lot. I did truly enjoy luckenbach though, thanks again for the heads up on it!

Ric - indeed! All the parts of west texas I went through were fairly desolate. I didn't notice the dairy queen phenomenon, but I wasn't on I10 either. Funny things like that happen in texas though.

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