Saturday, March 19, 2011

A stop in with the folks again

I get a late start leaving Austin. I was invited to a house party on my last night in town, and partied it down until almost four in the morning. I wake up knowing that it is going to be a brutal day of driving.


Eleven hung over hours on the back highways of Texas and Oklahoma gets me to my parent’s house with dinner just about to hit the table. We catch up, watch a cold front come in, and eat. I stay for three nights, trying to get in as much time with the folks as I can before rushing back to AZ to make a canyon hiking trip.


At night we cook. Corned beef and cabbage, steak, salads, and something we like to refer to as polish tacos (kielbasa, red hots, red cabbage, sauerkraut, mustard, and mayo all on a tortilla):



The dog is just as happy as I am to sleep in a bed after the last six weeks in the truck:



My last day there, Dad and I go out shooting guns in the woods behind his house. We blow through about ten mags of .45, a few .40, and then the fun gun. Dad just bought a 30-30 rifle that he wants to run a few rounds through:


(I’m none too sure about that hat of his, but nonetheless- we have fun)


Up early the next day and on the road again. I’ve got 800 miles to go today in order to hit Albuquerque for dinner.

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