Friday, June 6, 2008


Sometimes, when I get bored, I look through other people's favorites on flickr. I think it is really interesting to see what kinds of photos a person sees and wants to remember for another day. What draws them in? What makes THOSE photos so memorable?


It's like getting a little window into who they are. Some people may take or post pictures that they aren't all the fond of, but rarely will they mark a photo they don't like as a favorite.


Do they favorite a lot, or a little? Some people have thousands of favorites, others (like me) have less than a hundred. Some are very artsy, and some are very mundane.


From the obscure


To the contrasty:


To the just plain weird (to me)


one and all, somebody liked them enough to hit the 'Add to Favs' button and keep a little recollection of it on their account.


Then I have to wonder... what do my favorites say about me?

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