Monday, June 2, 2008

Ten Phenomena of the Mind

You've all heard of DejaVu, but what about Capgras Delusion?

Capgras delusion is the phenomenon in which a person believes that a close friend or family member has been replaced by an identical looking impostor. This could be tied in to the old belief that babies were stolen and replaced by changelings in medieval folklore, as well as the modern idea of aliens taking over the bodies of people on earth to live amongst us for reasons unknown. This delusion is most common in people with schizophrenia but it can occur in other disorders.

This and 9 other odd tricks you mind can play on you.




melissa said...

What an awesome post.

He reported that 68 per cent of his guinea pigs showed symptoms of jamais vu, such as beginning to doubt that “door” was a real word. This has lead him to believe that jamais vu may be a symptom of brain fatigue.

Brain fatigue for sure. I was working OT this weekend from home, as I usually do, and after a while of reviewing and correcting the huge document I was working on, the word "County" started to seem like it was misspelled or like it was a weird word. Since I deal in documents like that a lot, that happens to me fairly often. Words ARE pretty funny though. :)

TomboCheck said...

I have this happen when I try to spell a word in my head. After two or three times suddenly I start questioning the reality of the word.