Monday, June 16, 2008

Some PV Eats

Okay, so I don't get out to Prescott Valley to eat a meal very often, and when I do it is often with others who would rather go to a big chain restaurant (Chili's, Garcias, Buffolo Wild Wings) than a local place. As such, I am sure that I am missing some of the happening spots out there (especially with how fast the city is growing). So here is a rundown of some of the local joints that I DO know about (all names link to map location of restaurant):


Rusty's Gourmet Subs - A surprising little place. Almost always staffed by early 20s guys, I expected a pretty half-ass sandwich the first time I went in. The menu consists of (mostly italian style) 'gourmet' subs and pizza, nothing else. After trying the subs though, and being blown away, this is our new stand-by place in PV for a quick bite to eat. Prices are good for the amount of food you get (medium pepperoni pie and 2 drinks for under $13? Hell yeah!). Pretty fast service, but don't hold your breath for big smiles and friendliness from the staff.


Poor Red's - located on the back side of PV, Catalyst turned me onto this place. Been there once, and I thoroughly enjoyed both the atmosphere and the food. I was diggin on the seafood (best in the area so far), but DaNece wasn't getting down with the prime rib. I'm thinking she just wasn't used to the way prime rib is generally cooked, but she doesn't appear to be interested in going back.

Price was a touch steep for what you get, but it's not breaking the bank. Service was a little slow, but friendly which made up for it.


Augie's Place - right next to the movie theatres, this is a restaurant of convenience. As with so many restaurants, when they opened they were awesome. The last 3 or 4 times though, we have been very disappointed. The food is often either bland or over seasoned, and the help staff is decent but not exactly friendly. The prices aren't great (expect at least $40 for 2), and on the whole leaves you walking away without a smile on your face.

Oh well, at least it is close to the theatre.


Giovanni's Pizzeria - A little hole in the wall Italian restaurant at the end of PV, and one of my favorite places out there. They recently changed hands twice, once to some schmuck who though it would be a high-end dining destination, and then back to the original owner. The pizza here is pretty good, but they have a full Italian (Sicilian style I believe) menu, almost all of which kicks some serious arse! The calzones are huge (easily feed two) and rock the house. The spumoni is also definitely recommended for desert. 

Price is good for the amount of food that you get. Service is generally pretty good.


Tara Thai 2 - The only thai place that I know in PV. Only been there a few times, but the food was great (even better than the Thai House Cafe in Prescott). The atmosphere is pretty cool, and staff is very friendly. I definitely plan on going back here again.


Olivas Mexican - Pretty standard mexican fare. Nothing that blew me away, but I'm kind of picky when it comes to my mexican food. Chimichanga wasn't very crispy, flautas were bland. Prices were on par for what you get. I did take out so can't comment on the wait staff.


Taqueria Guadalajara - Where the mexicans eat! Or at least that is the way it seamed as me and my friend were the only white faces in the crowd. Great food, if slightly greasy. Definitely more authentic than Olivas. The wait staff wasn't the friendliest (maybe due to our gringo-ness), but the prices were good for what you get. Flautas here were great!



So you locals; have any other local joints that you love or hate?


Matthew Carr said...

Yay Taqueria! My family owns the building, so I have been eating there for years, and it is pretty good. Next time you go, order the molita. You wont find it on the menu, but its soooo good!

I also second the Giovanni's shout-out. Their calizones are to die for.

thatgirldina said...

Ohhhhh yum! You must try Casa Bonita off of Spouse in PV. The chicken mole is to die for!

I use to love Giovanni's. Thanks for reminding me of an old favorite. And you're right...those calzones are huge!

TomboCheck said...

Matt - what the hell is a molita? I am unfamiliar with it, and can find no info. Next time you are in town we totally need to hit it up!

Dina - I will make it a point to give casa bonita a try next time i'm in that neck of the woods. Mole generally isn't my fav, but if you say it's good I'll go for it. :)

Catalyst said...

Tombo, Casa Bonita is good and they have another location in Prescott, on East Gurley. As for PV, on Spouse, west of Robert Road, there are two Mexican restaurants with adjoining markets nearly side by side. The one furthest west has some great Mexican-style seafood dishes. We haven't been there for awhile so thanks for making me think of it.

TomboCheck said...

Catalyst - I'll have to try the Prescott one. I believe it is part of a hotel, which always made it back burner for me. :) I think I know the restaurants/markets that you are talking about. I'll stop in next time I am in that neck of the woods.


Matthew Carr said...

my bad, i spelled it wrong. it is actually "mUlita".

check out the top post in this blog, its got a good picture of a mulita.

TomboCheck said...

Aaahh, indeed that helps with finding info. Looks good. I'll make sure to order it next time I'm out there.

I might try to drag Marciano over there one of these fridays. ;)