Monday, June 16, 2008

My little big sister

In case you didn't know. I have a sister. A twin sister to be more precise. Her name is Nikki. She is one minute older than me, but is smaller in stature so I get to call her my little sister. We are the types of siblings that get along very well (now anyway).


Nikki modeling her helmet/hat combo unit that she uses for biking:


Nikki is what I lovingly call a 'social butterfly'. She seems to have a problem with staying in any one place for too long. So she will randomly go off to Costa Rica, or Bolivia for a few months. She once decided to live out of her truck and hang out in Utah for a few weeks checking out the national parks.


She rarely has a 'permanent' residence, instead staying with friends or family wherever she happens to find herself. Since she picks up friends like hookers pick up johns, there is always a place to stay.


Last December she graduated from Prescott College and promptly moved off to Madison Wisconsin, where she has been living ever since.


So when she told me she was coming home I figured it would be a temporary stop. We had dinner with her over at mom's house, and talked about her lack of plans for the time-being. These include such things as living in Jerome for a few weeks renovating a house, possibly going to work for Native Seeds afterwards, and maybe even picking up a steady boyfriend along the way....


From the sound of things she intends to stay local for a while, and I couldn't be happier about it! Welcome back Nikki B!!!


A family portrait, with us modeling hats:


melissa said...

I'm jealous of Nikki. :) I always wanted to live more freely like that.

Lovely photo of all of you. DaNece looks really pretty in that shot.

Mike said...

Nice family photo Tom. I agree with Melissa. I always wanted to live that life too.

TomboCheck said...

Melissa - Free is a good word for her. It's funny though, she was talking about how much she wanted to just settle down now. It hit her all of a sudden.

And I'll let D know you said that. She will be flattered. :)

Mike - The bug never hit me. I've never just wanted to get up and go to some foreign place. She sure seemed to enjoy living that life though.