Monday, June 23, 2008

Beef Tongue Reduex

I'll admit that after my first beef tongue experience I was left wanting more. I wanted something that exemplified the flavor of the tongue more. And last night, I got it.


It all started as a quick trip to the Farmer's Market with Chris, and a stop by the T.S. Ranch shop. Chris was in the market for some Ribeyes. I innocently asked if they sold the 'nasty bits' of the cow, and was told that if I emailed an order over they could provide me with just about anything I needed. I then proceeded to ask if they happened to have any beef tongue in their freezer, and was told that indeed they did! How could I not get it?


The young lady working the stand made lots of grimacing faces as she went to get the big (like 4 lbs!) tongue. Even Chris was a little disgusted by the thought. I smiled, knowing how much they were missing out on. I paid my $10 and begin to think of menu ideas.


I knew I would slow cook it again, since that really tenderized the meat well. I also knew I would marinade it for a while first in beer to further tenderize the meat. I decided to leave the rest to the fate of what was already in my refrigerator.


Skinning the tongue was the hardest part of the meal. And I'm still not very good at it. It wasn't pretty when I was done, but I got all the leathery tastebuds off and that's all that matters.

I cut it into a few pieces so it would fit into the slow-cooker, and tossed it in a ziploc bag with some potent spices. A few solid shakes of the cumin, some dashes of both regular and smoked paprika, a few pinches of cayenne, LOTS of black pepper, and a large pinch of salt. Joining the spices was a bottle of Coors Banquet.


A few hours in the fridge, and I dumped it all into the slow cooker (on low), adding about 2 cups of water, along with some caramelized onions. And there it sat for five long hours.


As it cooked I dug through the fridge to see what else I could scrounge up. Tortillas, corn on the cob, some already-cooked bell pepper, and some Zataran's rice! Sounds like a meal to me!!


After coming out of the slow cooker (and allowing the meat to cool) it doesn't look like much:


Once it cooled it got cut into smallish piece and added to a sizzling pan with a bit of oil, and lots more spices.


Meanwhile the corn was boiling, the rice was simmering, the peppers and onions were sauteing, and the tortillas were warming.


Once everything was cooked I cut the corn off the cob, and threw everything into a tortilla:


The verdict: FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!

Between my roomate and I, there wasn't anything left. Which sucks, because I was looking forward to leftovers.


The taste was much more pronounced than the first tongue I had, as was the texture. Cooking the meat in the pan after slow-cooking made it nice and crispy, and complimented the other ingredients very well.


Hopefully they will have another tongue the next time I am over there. :)




melissa said...

Oh Tom. *laughing* I always complain about all the stuff Steve won't eat, but you both got me here. I'm sitting here with a "vomit face" and he's staring at your photos with his tongue (ha ha) hanging out. He LOVES beef tongue. I may have to try this... for his sake. :P

TomboCheck said...

Just have him skin it. That is the grossest part. Or boil it in the skin, which makes the skin much easier to remove, you just lose the ability to marinate and season before cooking.

The taste isn't too different from any other cut of beef, but the texture is pretty different. Firm, and if not cooked all the way it borders on rubbery.

Give it a whirl, I'm betting you will like it. :)

thatgirldina said...

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. Seriously. :)

But, hey...who am I to judge. I eat frogs legs! Haha!

Actually and I hate to admit it, but, once cooked, if you don't really think about what it is, it looks kinda yummy. I think. Maybe?

TomboCheck said...

Dina - Mmmmmm frogs legs are good!
I'm the kind of person that will try anything twice though, so trying beef tongue wasn't a big problem for me.

I had to kind of psyche myself up to try Sea urchin gonad, but now I love the stuff.

It's all about wrapping your brain around the fact that it really isn't any more gross to eat a tongue than it is to eat the loin of a cow, or the leg muscles of a chicken. It's just a cultural thing. :)

melissa said...

Oh no, I HAVE eaten it. I've had it NY deli sandwich style and I also had it yakitori style at a local Japanese place. It just isn't my thang.

I really will make this for Steve though. He would love it.

By the by, I've had uni also. Not bad. It was given to me when I did my omakase for my birthday, in a hand roll, with salmon roe.

TomboCheck said...

Melissa - I see. Well at least you gave it a try. :) It's just not for everybody. Make sure to post it up when you do make it.

The first time I had uni it was on the advice of my dining buddy. Now everytime I go to my favorite shop he makes sure to let me know if he has any or not. :) Omakase is the best way to try new things at a sushi restaurant. I've had some things I never would have ordered otherwise.

AngryGinger said...

Yay, so there weren't any leftovers.
I'm developing joints right now I need tongue.