Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So I am bad when it comes to food addictions. I will get on a kick of liking one food to the exclusion of all others. I will eat it at every meal until I can't stand the sight of it, and then: I will eat it some more.

So, currently when I take this:


and put it here:


I get this:


Every time I make something I wonder if it could be bettered with a little help from my green food friend.

I've been spreading it on bread for sandwiches, putting it on burgers (with green chiles), cubing it and tossing it in with cous-cous, throwing it it with some tomato slices and calling it a salad (hey, it IS green!). Sometimes I just slice up a whole avocado, add a little salt pepper and lime juice, and eat it right then and there. Sometimes I don't even get around to the salt pepper and lime juice. Sometimes it barely makes it off the knife, and I am shoving the entire thing in my mouth. Yeah, THE WHOLE AVOCADO. By My Self.

DaNece looks at me with a funky face, shakes her head, and walks away. Leaving me looking a lot like this:



Chickenbells said...

Dude. I JUST found a recipe online for tomatillo salsa...only one of the main ingredients is avocados...I am going to try it this week...just avocados, a pepper, and tomatillos (probably some garlic and cillantro thrown in too) I think it sounds absolutely fabulous! I'll keep you posted on the results...

TomboCheck said...

That sounds an aweful lot like guacamole. Either way: I'm in!

melissa said...

I am the same way. I fixate on something new that I loooove and then eat it until I can't take it any more.

AND avocados were one of those things. About 5 years ago I discovered them for the first time and was eating them plain, every damn day. Little bitta salt, little bitta tabasco. Eventually I had to refrain for about 6 months. I eat them again now, but less frequently. I have one in my refrigerator at work though and it's currently calling my name...

TomboCheck said...

oooOOOO tabasco... I will have to try that! :)