Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm officially old-hat


Canon has announced the new Powershot G10 will be released in October, meaning I now have an out-dated piece of equipment. :)


The G10 has a few neat features compared to my G9. It has a wider-angle lens (28mm vs. 35 on the G9), which is probably the feature I would like the most. It also has iContrast, which increases the dynamic range of your images. It features some new blur-reduction items which are always nice.


And it has the new Digic IV processor inside, which means even faster pictures, better noise reduction at high ISO, and slightly better battery life.


Oh yeah, and a new grip due to all the complaints of users, and so many people buying aftermarket grips for the G9.

See an in-depth review HERE.


So will I be switching? Ummm.... NO. As nice as all those new features, they just don't justify a $500 upgrade.


Rich - now is the time to buy! :)


Daly said...

I hate it when upgrades happen.

So is it Cannon that has the camera control software for taking time lapse photos? I'd like to get a larger camera too and this one looks nice. I'd even like your model!

melissa said...

This looks beautiful but if I am in the market, I figure I would just pay an extra $100 and get the basic Rebel XTi. I might not even have to go the extra $100 if I get it from an eBay retailer, which is how I got my top-of-the-line-at-the-time Sony two years ago. Got a great deal.

TomboCheck said...

Daly - as soon as you buy something it is outdated. :)

As far as time-lapse software: I'm afraid I don't know what you are referring to. The powershot series have the capabilities to take shots up to 10 or 15 seconds long. I know the G series can do auto exposure bracketing, which takes three photos at sequential exposures so you can make sure you don't get an over-exposed or under-exposed frame. But those are the only things that come to mind. :)

Melissa - The G-series does have some advantages over the DSLRs. For one thing they are small. I can carry the cam, spare battery, spare memory card, and card reader in a pouch that is smaller than most cases for a single lens. A big bad camera does you no good if it is too bulky to have with you all the time.

With the fixed lens you also have your whole zoom range (plus Macro) available to you all the time, which can be handy if you swap between landscapes, portraits, and super-close ups on any kind of frequent basis.

The nice thing about the G series is that it has all the same modes available as a Digital SLR. You can compose your images just the same, choosing aperture or shutter priority. Going full manual, or setting it to auto.

Those are the reasons why I personally chose the G series over a digital SLR when i bought the G9, but it is different for everybody. I know DaNece just wanted a camera with changeable lenses. That was her priority, so none of the rest mattered when we were shopping for her. :)

And I TOTALLY agree with shopping online. I normally buy new through buydig.com or newegg.com. I saved $50 on my cam doing this which bought my spare battery, and memory card!

melissa said...

Hm. Maybe since you're so knowledgeable, when I decide to buy my new one, I should tell you what features I am looking for, my intended uses, etc. and you can just tell me which one to buy. ;)

TomboCheck said...

Melissa - I would of course be willing to offer my amateur opinion. :)