Thursday, September 11, 2008

The small world in which we live.

GrannyJ posted a link to Warren's blog.


Warren is based in Tucson, and did a post about his trip to the Heard Museum in Phoenix.


He posted some pictures of sculptures, some of which looked really familiar to me.


I asked him if he had the artist information, and it turns out that they were created by my old neighbor in Prescott, Doug Hyde who exhibits his Native American sculptures all over the country.


Funny how small the world seems sometimes. :)


Chickenbells said...

It seems like somebody in that post should also be the mayor of somewhere (like in that I Love Lucy episode?)

melissa said...

That always happens to me on the internet. It's weird.

TomboCheck said...

Chickenbells - They could be the mayor of Mayer. That would be pretty awesome!

Melissa - Really? Seems like the internet is such a big place it shouldn't happen all that often. :)