Monday, September 15, 2008

Laying at home with a case of what?

Have you ever gone to stretch and popped something that shouldn't pop?  Totally happened to me on friday. I leaned back, stretched, and felt my sternum pop like a mofo.


And I thought... surely not! There is nothing in there to pop. What the heck? And it started to ache a little bit. I went out and played pool with Luke anyway, but by the time I got home there was some serious pain going on.


So I did what any self-respecting internet junky would do; I went to WebMD! And then I laid on the floor for 14 hours on saturday, with a case of costochondritis, watching movies (free Starz this weekend!) and the entire season of Burn Notice. Oh yeah, and clutching my chest being generally grouchy as hell about the fire occurring in the area of my fifth/sixth rib.


Highlights -

-Burn Notice is way funnier than the previews for it made it look.

- The Big Lebowsky. I saw it for the first time (how did I miss this for so long?). FUNNY freakin movie!


By Sunday I was feeling better, so we went down to the Empty Bowls, and had a BLAST!


That was the weekend.


Kitty said...

That sounds distinctly 'ouch!' Hope you feel much better soon. x

TomboCheck said...

Thanks Kitty! I think I'm just about over it now. I managed a full workout at the gym last night and only felt a bit o' pain in the ribs. Hooray! :)

melissa said...

How odd. And painful. I pop my joints incessantly and once in a while, depending on how I move my torso my breastplate between, well, my breasts will make a cracking noise. Not anything that laid me out though. I usually just think it's funny. Sorry you ended up in so much discomfort. And yes, WebMD!

TomboCheck said...

Melissa - This has happened once before to me, but it only hurt for about an hour. This time around was crazy. Oh well, all better now.

And the boob-cracking.... sounds like the type of keyword that I would see on my google analytics report. :)