Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cursing? HArdly!

Every morning I find myself sitting in a coffee shop for an hour. Always with me is either my journal or whatever book currently catches my fancy.


When you go to the coffee shop EVERY weekday, eventually you start to notice the other regulars, give out tentative hello’s, and get to know one another. And so it was that I found myself one morning talking to a terribly interesting gentleman who has been around the block a time or two, and who had some reading recommendations for me based on what he saw me bring in with me.


One of those recommendations came with a warning that I would probably want read it on the side, put it down when it got to be too much, maybe even skip chapters if the frustration reached too high. He also mentioned that there would most likely be some cursing on my part as I tried to come to terms with the concepts of the book.


That book is The Dancing Wu Li Masters, which I bought a week later and just started reading on Monday. Cursing? HA! The only thing that has escaped my lips for the past three mornings has been giggles!


The book is a layman’s guide to Quantum Mechanics, which honestly? Sounds way brainier than it really is. The book doesn’t necessarily dumb things down but instead chooses to focus on the principles underlying this branch of science rather than the math involved. And I am LOVING it!


Granted, I’m only in chapter two so the cursing could be coming, but thus far it has nicely filled some voids in my understanding of subatomic particles. It has also provided a fair bit of philosophical fat for me to chew on, which is always nice. I have trouble putting it down in the mornings to go to work.


So, assuming the book remains true to the form of the first few chapters, I would recommend it to anybody interested in what the heck quantum mechanics really is, without actually learning quantum mechanics. :)

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