Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Daddy got a new pair of shoes

I’ve been trying to learn to jog. I figure it is a good way to start the day, and gets both Scrappy and I some much-needed cardio. It has been hard though, as my joints end up hurting after a mile. Shin-splints, knee pain, a hip that has been aching for the three weeks I’ve stubbornly been trying at this.


To say I was disheartened about this would be an understatement. Eventually the thought occurred to me that problem wasn’t with my body, but instead with the shoes I was attaching to it. A rockin’ $10 pair of wal-mart tennis shoes that I’ve had for four years. Yeah, that might be the problem.


So I meandered to Swift Feet, the only specialized running store in town. I told the proprietor what I was looking for, the problems I was having, where I wanted to go.


He had me jog on a treadmill as he watched my ankles, looking for pronation. He gave me a basic run down of why my joints hurt when I ran, told me the type of shoe I needed to buy, and then had me try on a million different pairs.


By a million, I mean about ten, which meant a whole heapin’ lot of shoe-tying on my part. But I appreciated it, and eventually whittled down the list to a single pair.


Last year’s model of the Aisics GEL Kayano. On sale for $100.


Yesterday I finally had the chance to try out my new duds, and I have to say: I am seriously impressed. I headed to the Peavine trail early in the morning with Scrappy. I warmed up and started down the path. Half an hour later we turned around and started jogging back to the truck. All told we covered around six miles.


And my legs HURT like the dickens. But not my hip. Not my knee. Not my shins. Not my ankles. My MUSCLES hurt, just like they should when a new guy tries jogging too much. It feels great! Finally I can start pushing myself without feeling like a cripple afterwards.


So for anybody out there trying to get into jogging; do yourself a favor and get some decent shoes. They’ll make a world of difference.


And if you are in town, swing by Swift Feet. You will pay a little more, but you will get a pair of shoes that you know will work with your foot!


Andy B. said...

Good call on going to a specialty store, as paying a little more for good shoes is always worth it for something like running. And congrats on the 6 miler - that is a great run. Keep it up, and before you know it you'll be tickin off a marathon or so. :-)

TomboCheck said...

Andy - I am truly amazed at the difference the footwear made. Soooo happy now. :)

And the six miles was a good starting place from which to work. Not sure about the marathons, but one never knows in this crazy world.

Thanks for stopping by!

Chickenbells said...

Um Tom? Isn't jogging just a faster form of walking? I don't think you really needed to "learn" how to do that ;)

Anyway...I worked at Lady Footlocker in college, and I am a HUGE proponent of GOOD shoes. Shoes that FIT and are for a certain activity...otherwise you can do some serious damage. I'm happy that you finally found a good shoe...it is going to make all the difference!

TomboCheck said...

Sadira - Yeah, that's what I thought too. I can walk the hell out of it, but jogging is a whole 'nother ball game. For me at least...

And yeah, you would think I would have learned my lesson about shoes when I got into hiking. But alas, some lessons I must learn a few times before they really start to sink in. :)

Catalyst said...

The best thing about "Swift Feet"? It's only one flight up from the Prescott Brewing Company!

TomboCheck said...

Catalyst - so I can drink away the pain in my wallet? :-)