Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Working backwards?

Sometimes you just don’t want to deal with all the settings and buttons and who-zi-whats-its on a fancy digital camera.


That was me this weekend. So I decided to cut the clutter for a week or so. I bought a disposable camera. It has an amazingly simple TWO buttons, and one turney dial to advance the film.


There is no zoom. There is no choosing the depth of field. There is nothing at all advanced about it. When I take photos I don’t get to look at them and decide if I need another or not. I only have 27 exposure by which to express myself.


And for some reason this is all very freeing in a way. It’s not that I don’t love all my digital gear, but sometimes it all just gets a little… cumbersome I suppose would be the word. Once my 27 exposure run out I will pick the D90 back up and continue on the digital front, but I’m in no rush to get there.


dagnygromer said...

You could set the D90 on "A", leave the zoom at 50mm to reveal the simple point and shoot that's hidden in your D90.

Sillie_Girl said...

sometimes being simplistic is a nice change.

TomboCheck said...

Dagny - Aah, but the temptation would then be to chimp, recompose, etc.

Plus a disposable slides right into my pocket, something the D90 most definitely cannot do. :)

SG - Indeed. It's actually kind of fun. Even though I know the quality of the pics won't be up to D90 standards, but that is totally okay. It's more about the experience than it is the finished images.