Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Albuquerque really wasn’t about the art though

It was about the people. My two amazing friends, Sam and Jess, put me up once again and showed me a great time.



There was cooking (how could I not love that?), there was a bit of drinking, and a bit of dancing. There was walking around for hours showing the tourist cool things to photograph. There were quiet moments:



And lots of coffee (a.k.a. fuel for Tom):



There were flea markets, and fresh roasted New Mexican green chilis, arroyos with no graffiti, and silly moments with the dog:



It was four days of absolute fun and awesomeness. I can’t thank them enough for treating me so well.


Sam Kissinger said...

Any time brother! We had a blast!

TomboCheck said...

I should have stayed another week. This storm is ridiculous. :) You two take care, and we will have to go to Carlsbad sometime together, since I didn't get in while I was in that area.