Sunday, February 20, 2011

Still in Austin

Just getting to know the city. Finding some of the backways and alleyways. I’m pretty sure I found Jesus, but he was keeping some interesting company, so I let him be:



I saw a few cardinals in real life, but didn’t get any pictures of them. I did get a picture of another graffiti redbird though:



My old room mate Steve flew down to see me too. He’s in Houston doing some training for an upcoming job move, and was able to fly for free into Austin for a few hours of putzing around the city. We had a good ol’ time, even if he did look far too well dressed to be hanging out with a homeless guy like me:



Other than that, lots of time is being spent at the dog park, and searching for dancing. I went out to one of the honky tonks and made a silly attempt at country dancing. It was fun, though I’m not sure it was successful dancing. I also found the local swing dancing scene which was a blast. I’ll probably go back and check that out next week.


I’ll be meeting up with a few photogs this week. Today I’m going north of town to shoot a cemetery with about 40 other photowalkers, tomorrow I’ll meet up with a couple local gals to shoot in Austin, Tuesday night a photog friend from Phoenix is going to be in town for a night shoot of the city. I’m looking forward to all of these things.


Overall, this city is very welcoming:


My only struggle is constantly being surrounded by people. There is simply no getting away from it. I begin to get the itch to get out by myself for a while, maybe back to Big Bend for a bit. I’m trying to put it off, to work through this irrational discomfort. I suppose we’ll see how it goes. :)


Catalyst said...

Maybe a daytime, middle of the week trip to Luckenbach is in order. If you can find it. Tourists keep stealing the sign pointing off the main road.

TomboCheck said...

Cat - I'm putting it on the list of things to do this next week. :)