Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A night of shooting with Mike

A friend from Phoenix flew into Austin. He’s going to be moving here in a few weeks to train as a chef, but tonight there was no cooking. Tonight was for shooting photos around Austin, colorful colorful Austin.


We started with dinner at an Irish pub, where we grilled the waitress for location tips. She said to check out the long convention center. So after a few biers and some food we mosied over, cleared ourselves with the security guard at the parking garage, and drove to the top level. Out come the tripods, letting the lights of the city soak in to get this:



After putzing around at the garage for twenty minutes we scope out a park, but the angle is wrong, so we drive up the river to try to capture the reflections of the skyline, sans construction crane:



A few steps downstream was a statue. Mike said it was Stevie Ray Vauhn, who apparently is from Austin. I didn’t have a clue, to me it was just some dude with a guitar:



And another random shot taken while Mike was lighting up Stevie for his shots:



From there we drove up to the capitol building, which was lit up like it was the Macy’s parade. So bright, in fact, that I didn’t like most of the pictures I ended up getting from there. This is the only one of the building that I kept:



However, there were some bronze statues around the building which I could let the light soak in on. Much more my cup f tea:




By the time we finished up it was 12:30am, and it was time to get Mike back to the airport so he could catch some Zzzs before his six AM flight out. Overall it was a blast to go shooting with Mike, a totally different feel than other photowalks, and I certainly look forward to seeing what he came up with.


Mike as he departed my company:



Good times and I look forward to seeing Mike again once he moves here.


Catalyst said...

How lucky are you? To have a chef as a friend! I predict some great meals in your future. Maybe no more ramen!

BTW, he is correct. It is the late great guitar player Stevie Ray Vaughan.

And the sky in some of your shots looks nearly like a southern Aurora Borealis was playing tricks.

Anonymous said...

The statutes look like miniatures, toys. Interesting effect.

TomboCheck said...

Catalyst - I'm a very lucky boy. :) But I still love me some ramen, I think I'm addicted after all of these months of traveling.

The sky was definitely crazy. Bright clouds moving SUPER fast. It was good shooting.

Dagny - I agree, not sure why they do, but little miniatures is what I ended up with. The joys of the magic camera boxes, we rarely know what we are going to get.