Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A bit dark

It’s cold. Really cold. Five degrees last night, going to be colder tonight and for the rest of the week. Writing is hard with it being this cold, so is taking pictures.


I made it to White sands national monument, it was neat.  I tried to get into carlsbad caverns, but a snowstorm and poor road conditions closed the park. Currently I keep heading south, trying to find some place that isn’t cold and snowy. Looks like I’ll be on the mexican border tonight. More to come in a few days.


Melissa said...

Stay safe, Tom!

TomboCheck said...

Thanks Melissa. Safe is easy. Warm is harder. The dog and I are getting cabin fever from spending all day in the truck. As soon as it warms up I am camping in a tent for a few days.

Cris said...

Oi Tom, se queres calor, venha para cá, Brasil... visite meu blog