Saturday, February 9, 2008

Beef Tongue = Good

We cooked the beef tongue, and it was good. REALLY GOOD!

My roommate, who is the head cook over at the Spaghetti Western restaurant in town made this tongue into an awesome dish. He doesn't cook for us often, but when he does it is always tasty.


So after sitting in the slow-cooker for 10 hours, we took the veggies out of the crock pot, sliced the potatoes and threw them in a pan to fry with butter. The mushrooms, pepper, onion, and celery got thrown in another pan to fry sans butter. After they were starting to carmelize, he threw in some stock at let it reduce.


While that was reducing down he sliced the beef tongue into little cubes, and then threw it in the veggie pan. Once the stock reduced, he threw some 1/2 & 1/2 in and let THAT reduce. Meanwhile, he threw some pasta shells that were already cooked into the mix. Once the sauce was further reduced, he stirred to coat, and threw the potatoes on top.


IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! The beef tongue was excellent, though it's flavor didn't get to shine in this preparation. The sauce was stellar, and went surprisingly well with the fried potatoes. What can I say, that boy can cook! The only surprise for me was the texture of the meat. Even after 10 hours in the slow cooker, it was firm. Not tough, just firm. I expected it to fall apart like a normal roast, but was pleasantly surprised.


So now I am thinking that another tongue will be finding it's way into our fridge. I want some tongue sandwiches!!


sheoflittlebrain said...

I'm suddenly very hungry:)

Mike said...

I've always been "on the fence" about tongue, but you do make it sound good.

TomboCheck said...

SOLB - I'm hungry all over again!

Mike - don't be on the fence. Go get a tongue and cook the hell out of it!
The key is to cook it LONG. Most recipes recommend boiling it for about 3 hours, then removing the skin and seasoning with a horseradish sauce.

Removing the skin first is harder, but it lets you marinate it, andcook it in spices in the slow cooker all day. To me that is worth the hassle of skinning it first.

It tastes pretty much the same as any other muscle in the cow, but the texture is where it is at! Plus there is the gloating factor, of telling all your co-workers that you had a tongue sandwich for lunch!