Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend in Review

So Nikki B is finally a second time College Graduate. GO NIKKI!!! She graduated from Prescott College with some fancy degree that include the words AgroEcology, and Latin American Studies. The graduation ceremony was on Saturday, the 15th. Every Graduating student got a 1 minute introduction and then a one minute speach. As long as this took, it did provide for some very interesting speeches. My favorite one included the quote 'Art is like pooping, I just have to do it.'  Not to mention there was a guy in a chicken suit (which i totally failed to get a picture of)!



On Sunday, we played it cool. Me and Scrappy went out for a hike at Kendel camp, but I'm an idiot and missed the trailhead, so we just bushwacked around for an hour and half in the snow, which was fun!



Then we did some posing for Photos to send with our christmas cards (no, they aren't sent yet, and yes they will probably be late. I'm good with that)



A good time was had by all!!

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