Monday, December 29, 2008

Back and alive

Back from vacation. Mexico was great.


- We cooked all but two of the meals we ate.

- I swam in the ocean (it was cold!)

- DaNece gathered a huge amount of sea shells

- the dogs got to run on the beach for the first time in their lives

- I burned my throat eating jalepenos

- I came down with the flu on christmas day, not so fun

- We came home a day earlier than expected due to me feeling cruddy

- Accidentally ingested some aspirin, which I'm pretty allergic to. You know, just to create some excitement.

- Spent two hours waiting to go through the border

- Slept half of the way home in the cargo area with the dogs



Now I have to catch up on all the notes sitting on my desk at work, go through the 500+ blog entries that have been written in the past week, and try to download what few pictures I took. :)


Hope everybody had a great christmas!!!


Mike said...

Funny thing about vacations is that they usually mess you up one way or another. Glad you had a good time!

Chickenbells said...

Welcome home! I hope that you're feeling better soon, and that you can get all caught up on everything...we really didn't do too much while you were gone, we just wrote a lot about nothing...Merry late Christmas to both of you!

TomboCheck said...

Mike - We always have a good time, regardless of the fuckups. In the end, those are normally the things you remember fondly anyway. :)

Chickenbells - good to know. Then I should just mark all as read, yeah? :P

Merry belated christmas to you guys as well. :)

melissa said...

Happy late Christmas to you and D. Glad you got to get away - sounds like it was quite a trip.

TomboCheck said...

Melissa - happy holidays to you two too. :)

It's always quite a trip with us. That's how we roll.