Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shaggy Christmas - Week 11, and the home stretch

Project codename: Shaggy Christmas has drawn to a close. After 11 weeks of waking up and having to consciously  NOT shave, I have gone from a mere boy to the awesomely manly dude you see here.


I have attained a near-lumberjack level of ruggedness. And I shit-you-not, a tree trembled when I walked by it not even a week ago!


Okay, so it is a fairly mid-grade attempt at a beard, with its fair share of bald spots, and wily curls. But by god it was my mid-grade attempt, and I was proud of it for the eleven weeks that it graced my face.


Before we left for Mexico I decided to go ahead and shave the cheeks off, as they would sometimes annoy me while sleeping. I'm thinking I will keep the goatee action going on for another month or two before returning to my bare-faced visage.


No real pictures of the goat yet, but here is one that we snapped on the beach in Mexico of us:


11(ish) weeks in pictures.


Catalyst said...

Good work on the beard, Tombo. You should keep it!

TomboCheck said...

Catalyst - Thanks! DaNece likes the thing, but it just doesn't feel right on my face. And it gets pretty rank when I go to the gym... to close to my nose to ignore. :)