Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Project Shaggy Christmas, week 8....ish

So the whole weekly update thing isn't exactly working out... I think I'm somewhere between 8 and 9 weeks into project Shaggy Christmas:


And technically these pictures were just test shots while I was playing with DaNece's new flash and the G9 in a mirror (the flash is as big as the cam, it's kind of funny).


Itchiness: 1 whisker - itchiness is still low. I think I totally lucked out on the itchy front. I believe Mike is having a rougher time of it.


Food trapping: 7 whiskers - I tried eating ice cream. I looked like a rabid dog when I was done.


Noticability: 6 whiskers - blond hair still doesn't stand out, but I have been called a mountain man by at least three co-workers in the last 2 weeks.


Awesomeness: 5 whiskers - not a huge improvement from last post, but the mountain-man comments eeked out an improvement. Of course a coworker told me I looked like I had cancer when she saw this pic, so maybe the awesomeness aint all it's cracked up to be:


Mike said...

I already had the whole goatee thing going, so most of my "beard" is just kind of growing up the side of my face. I've got a reddish rash at the neckline where the whiskers are rubbing my neck raw.

I can't wait to get beyond that stage.

I will get around to posting a picture eventually, but I have a strong urge to kill my digital camera right now, so I don't even want to look at it for now.

I think you need to get yourself a Santa suit and a couple of elves to go along with your beard.

Catalyst said...

Hey, Tombo, it's . . hee, hee . .uh, 'scuze me . . uh, lookin' good! Heh, heh, haw, haw. Oops, sorry.

Maybe you should ask DaNeece to loan you some eye shadow.

Chickenbells said...

That is a really impressive flash...and an even more impressive beard!

TomboCheck said...

Mike - The only time the neck bothered me was when I was sleeping. I finally trimmed the neck up so it wouldn't bother me anymore.

And I'm pretty sure purchasing midgets (a.k.a. 'elves') is still illegal in arizona, but I'll look into it.

Catalyst - Do I detect just a hint of sarcasm there? :P

Chickenbells - I'd say the flash is cooler than the beard. But that is probably just because it cost more. :)