Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mexico pictures

Okay, so all told there were a whopping 8 usable pictures on my camera from Mexico. Talk about a let down! The only time I busted out the camera was when we went to the beach, and even then it was only for about five minutes before I decided to take a dip into the cold ass water.


So here they are, in all their glory.


A flock of birds flying by. I desperately tried to get the camera on and pointed/exposed as they flew by and only got two shots before they were gone:


Choppy Seas:


DaNece, informing just how cold the wet sand is, shoes and sea-shell collecting bag in hand:


The Sandy Beach Resorts, which are multiplying down the coastline:


A fishing vessel of some type that was surprisingly close to shore:


DaNece, with dog in tow, walking down the beach:


A final remembrance of the beach:


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Granny J said...

That's a lovely fishing boat. Are those two accompanying pelicans or some such I see dotting the sky to the left of the vessel?

TomboCheck said...

Granny - Indeed, and one more on the right. :) Looked like it might have been a seine fisher but I wasn't paying nearly enough attention to tell for sure. I just wanted in the water! :P