Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I actually did get to see Mt. St. Helens

Just not from the correct side of the state. I ended up finding a wind farm with a visitor’s center. It was the Wild Horse Wind Energy Center. Why did I go there? I don’t really know. Perhaps it was the huge rainbow ‘Open’ flag on the side of a highway, that didn’t tell me what was open but promised something eye catching. Indeed, there were the requisite, and eye catching, wind turbines:



And if you positioned your camera carefully, you could get all artsy, and frame some lovely mountains within those turbines. This might allow you to think you are at least a mediocre photographer, until you realize how much more impactful it would be to get those wind turbines higher up in the composition:



Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about all that artsy stuff, because I just wanted a picture of Mt. St. Helens, which was much smaller than the postcards promised, but very pretty nonetheless:



I also watched the site’s presentation on wind energy and the site that they were at, the turbines they used and all that good stuff. It was interesting, but alas I still had some miles to cover.

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