Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My house

A few people have asked about the truck and what I have in there. So here is the back of the truck in ‘driving mode’. Somehow this turned out a bit blurry, but everything is labeled if you click on it:



At night I shuffle some things into the front seats to give me enough room to sleep. I shave to lay diagonally, my feet by the driver’s seat and my head near the tailgate, curling around the drawers and tool box. The dog sleeps in front of the toolbox, or just as often: on top of me. Click on the pic to see the labeling:


Sweet blue/purple tiger print pillow cases, a foam pad for my hips so they don’t hurt too bad, and a blanket to keep me warm. What more could I ask for?


So yeah, that’s home.


Steve said...

You sure have a load. I bet you wish you had more room for other items. Neat how you labeled the items.

TomboCheck said...

Steve - I have pretty much everything I need. Not too much more I can think of that I would want in here. The only thing I would like more room for would be for sleeping. :)