Monday, September 20, 2010


In Montana at last. Not sure why exactly. I’ve heard it’s pretty. I contact my friend’s brother Max, who lives in Bozeman. Max and I have hung out a few times, long ago, but haven’t talked in a long time. I was looking forward to catching up with him.


I rolled into Bozeman a bit late, mostly because I kept stopping to take photos:



I called Max, but he was in school. I went to the local brewery and drank a few beers, found a wal-mart and passed out. The next day I went for a hike while waiting for him to get out of class. I found a beautiful and easy trail called the ‘Bangtail Divide’. The views were pretty nice:



After the hike Max was out and we met up. Had a great time talking photography (which he’s going to school for up here in lovely Montana) and looking through some projects. Then he gave me a tour of the MSU campus, which we rode to on a tandem bicycle (a first for me):



After that we played some foosball, worked on his truck (I’m a sucker for doing ‘man stuff’), met a few of his friends, watched his room mate as he worked in a bakery (awesome!), and just generally had a great time. 


A few more beers and it was portrait time. I took one exposure test, and one ‘real’ shot. Focus? Who needs it! Proper light? It’s for the birds! Thank goodness I don’t pretend to be a pro. :)



The next day it was a jog, and then off to take a dip in my first hot springs. And then my plans changed a bit, as I realized just how close I was to Yellowstone National Park…


AJ said...

Yay Yellowstone! Really looking forward to your pictures from there.

quilteddogs said...

Oh yeah, be sure to see the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. If you go a little furher south, you will be near the Grand Tetons which is also an awe inspiring place.

TomboCheck said...

AJ - consider it done. Go to my flickr page to see them all. :)

QD - I did see the canyon - Kind of. Smoked in from a fire unfortunately. I plan on coming back through here again next year, starting at the Tetons, so I can get more of the whole experience.