Thursday, September 9, 2010

Uh oh, falling behind. Like, REALLY behind.

So this will be a short, to the point, picture filled post of the last week or so.


After the Redwoods, I went to Brookings, OR. Just one night there as a stopover before heading to Eugene. But I did get a lovely photo of the coast at sunset:



As I headed north from Brookings, the 101 got crowded with RVs and Boats, so I headed inland to Eugene for the weekend. Eugene was a very laid back town, not much going on. I found a few coffee shops, and a few parks, and pretty much spent the entire weekend either walking or reading. It was a very nice relaxing weekend. Not much photography, except for one alley with graffiti:



And a few garden areas with flowers:



From Eugene it was a drive up and almost out of Oregon to Astoria.

Along the way we saw some sea lions:



And saw a cool shipwreck at Fort Stevens state park:



Astoria was cute, I found an awesome coffee shop to hang out at, had an Elvis burger at a local brewery (beef + peanut butter is GREAT!), and checked out the ‘Voodoo lounge’ for a drink. All in all, it was a cool place. And they have a STELLAR bridge over the Columbia river:



They also have a column, which was kind of odd:



From Astoria we went to see Mt. St. Helens. It was a bit out of the way, but I figured I should see it since I was over here. Isn’t she beautiful?:



Oh yeah, but there was fog over the mountain. For the two hours that I sat around waiting there was fog.


So then it was time to move on to Olympic National Park. Which I am still processing photos for, so that will be the next post.


megan said...

i am dying to be on this exact trip!! i love Astoria--whatup Goonies?!!?

AJ said...

So I stumbled upon your blog today. I think I will follow along on this adventure of yours and I'm excited to see where it takes you. :)

TomboCheck said...

Megan - the funny thing is that I didn't even realize that it was the goonies landscape. I kept seeing odd references throughout the town, on menus etc, and finally Courtney had to tell me why. :)

AJ - :) Glad to have you along for the ride. I'm starting my way eastward now, through idaho, montana, south dakota, and minesota. That's the plan anyway.

Anonymous said...

Luke showed me your blogspot and I will keep up. Thank you for sharing and I'll live vicariously thought your excellent pictures.

Luke's dad

TomboCheck said...

Well hey Lance! Glad you are able to check out the blog. I try to keep it up to date, but always end up being about a week behind. Too many photos to wade through I suppose. :) Hope all is well on the homefront.