Sunday, September 19, 2010

Onward, ever onward

From Washington I made a quick skip up to Idaho. The target? Coeur d’Alene. Everywhere I went, I kept hearing about this town, and so had to go up and check it out.


What they have is a gorgeous lake



They also have a ton of cutesy overpriced shops which, being on my limited budget, I avoided like the plague. I meandered around for a bit, walked the dog through some of their pretty parks, got some coffee, and picked up a few essentials at the outdoor outfitter.


At some point during all of this I lost my cell phone, and ended up retracing all my steps through town to no avail. I tried calling my phone, no answer. At that point I was in a bit of a foul mood. I went to a local park to have lunch, and saw the maples starting to change color:



This helped my mood, but I was still agitated enough that I decided to drive away and just stare at the open road for a while. I probably didn’t get the full Coeur d’Alene experience.


The sun went down right as I approached a historical site, so I pulled over and watched it descend near the Mission:



Darkness set in, and it was time to find a place to rest. I pulled into the nearest town, Kellogg, and found a parking lot. Parked the truck and went to sleep. Tomorrow, it was time for Montana!


Courtney Snow said...

"Tomorrow, it was time for Montana." Love, what tense is that? I feel like I'm in a time warp. :)

Warren said...

nah, Tombo's past tents, he's sleeping in his truck. ;^)

Tombo, I've been enjoying your trip updates and pictures.

BIG SKY CHEF said...

Great Trip...Going to the Sun Road @ Glacier is a must. We are really enjoying the pictures.

Courtney Snow said...

Warren, you just made my linguistic day. :)

TomboCheck said...

Courtney - you are in a timewarp. It all happened in the past, and yet in reference to the post itself it is the future. You are stuck in a non-existent now.

Warren - true that. I try not to set up my tent just because it's a pain to put away if it rains. :) And glad you are enjoying the pics.

Tom - Glacier will be waiting until spring time. I plan on coming back up through Grand Tetons and Yellowstone then up into Glacier.