Sunday, October 3, 2010

And then I was in Duluth Minnesota

I drove north along the ‘Great River Road,’ and it was gorgeous to finally see the colors starting to change on the trees. I then took the ‘Edge of Wilderness’ road north until I was at Minnesota Highway 1. I stopped along the way for the night in Grand Rapids, I spent another night down some logging road where the mosquitoes tried to carry away the truck. And then, I was in Duluth Minnesota.


Duluth is on Lake Superior, which is pretty:



This is Duluth, or rather part of Duluth:



I was there  to see some great folks. Parents of one of my room mates who I had met in Prescott when they came to visit. It was so fun to see them and stay with them for a few days. They cooked me amazing meals and made me feel right at home with them. During the day, when they were at work, I went into town to shoot photos.


I found a zen garden:



I also found a fallout shelter, just in case the world comes to a nuclear end:



There was a very cool building, which used to be (and might still be for all I know) a school:


I drove across a lift bridge, which was neat:



And I also found a lighthouse, which I always enjoy shooting photos of:


Sadly, I failed to get a picture of my hosts. :(


It was a really enjoyable and laid back stopover for me, and allowed me to recharge my personal batteries. I left town in rainy weather heading for Wisconsin. To Bayfield, for an apple festival!


Steve said...

A fallout shelter. Now that's unique.

Catalyst said...

Wonderful photos, Tombo. Must be getting a bit nippy up there, though.

TomboCheck said...

Steve - yeah, it was pretty out of place, especially in their downtown sector.

Cat - Thanks. And yes, the temps are dropping. I'm in Illinois now, but it's still in the high 30s to low 40s at night. Darn near sleeping bag weather! :)