Friday, October 29, 2010

A week of fattening me up

I arrived at dad’s house, and stayed for a week. During weekdays I was left to my own devices, and didn’t do much. A few trips out for coffee, a few photos taken:



It was foggy a few of the mornings, but overall it was great weather:



Throughout the whole week my folks cooked, and took me out to amazing meals. Corned beef, italian, mexican, flat iron salads, pork medallions, steak, breakfast sandwhichs, etc. And I just kept eating, everything in sight.

Four waffles, ham, and two eggs for breakfast? Sure!

A few sandwhiches at lunchtime? Of course!

Dinner out? Yes please!

Not going to finish your meal? Slide it my way!


The evenings consisted of sitting out on the back patio talking with Dad and Suzy, catching up on everything, and watching the dogs be the idiotic animals they are. I helped Suzy purchase and setup an iPad, after which we saw a lot of this:



Come the weekend, my sister Nikki flew out to hang out with us as well. Great times were had as we took a few car trips, and just had some family time together. It was a blast:



I made everybody take a family picture on our last night there:



Monday rolled around, and I woke up early to take Nikki to the airport, then back to the house to say my last goodbyes to the folks before they went to work. Then it was a workout, reloading everything into the truck, and back on the road.


I’m really glad to have had time with family, and can’t wait to see them all again.


For now though, it was time to head eastward.


Steve said...

Tom, good that you got to spend time with family and all.

TomboCheck said...

Thanks Steve! It was great to be with them, and really allowed me to recharge my batteries.