Tuesday, October 5, 2010

But I did make it to Madison

After a longish day of driving down county roads, I finally decided to hit the interstate. And then I promptly stopped seeing any part of Wisconsin. Suddenly my vision was filled with semis and white lines screaming by at the speed of light. As darkness neared my eyes went bleary, so I pulled into Madison for the night. I called my sister, who had lived in Madison for a bit. She told me a cafe to go to, and sent me on my way.


I got lost IMMEDIATLY. It was late, and I was no longer up for the game of finding the cafe. I pulled down a residential street and promptly passed out for the night. I awoke early, thanks to the dog, and headed downtown to try again to find this cafe. I drove up one road and down another. When I still didn’t find it, I resorted to walking down the multitude of one-way roads. This gave me a great view of the captiol building:



But was seriously starting to freeze my digits. Madison was cold on this morning! I felt bad for all the people setting up a huge farmer’s market on the square. Finally, I googled the place, and walked directly to the address. I’d passed it many times, so why didn’t I see it? It was closed, bought out by the restaurant next door for expansion purposes.


Dejected by over an hour of wasted time, I found the nearest coffee shop, had a delicious muffin and coffee, then headed east for Milwaukee.

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